Group Cruise Program

Without a well developed and managed group cruise program, you simply will not be able to compete in today's ultra competitive cruise market

WESTA’s cruise department manages well over 500 group cruise departures on an annual basis. These groups feature discount prices and amenity packages that you can offer to all your individual cruise clients or use to promote your own small group without risk or paperwork.

WESTA’s cruise program features great prices, competitive amenity packages and top tier commissions. In addition, our cruise program has several unique features. When our groups earn Tour Conductors, we pay the entire amount back to the booking agency. When we earn quarterly or annual sales goal bonuses, we pay the entire bonus back to the booking agencies. When we hit usage, category sales or automation goals and get a big check, we pay the whole bonus back to the booking agencies.

If you want to make $$$ selling cruises, you need to take a look at the WESTA program

The WESTA agent extranet site features our new second generation “CruiseCalendar” giving members access to all of our group space in a simple shop and compare format that is so easy to use, other agency groups are reviewing it for use in their organizations.

If you can’t find it, you can’t sell it and with this tool, finding the best value for your clients will be quicker and easier than ever.