Education & Training

WESTA believes on-going education and training for your agents is key to maximizing the return on your WESTA membership. Your agents need to understand and use the programs in order for you to benefit from them. In fact, the average WESTA agency receives over 10 hours of local training a year which translates into knowledgeable and profitable agents. Our educational program has three components:

WESTA holds trade shows each year in four different locations. These shows feature our cruise partners, wholesalers and individual travel component suppliers in a whole day training format designed for front line agents. These events, held in October and November, ensure that your staff is fully prepared to benefit from the WESTA programs and suppliers thought the coming year.

WESTA holds an annual Owner & Managers Conference in a rotation of major leisure destination venues on the west coast. This is a two-day executive level event with:

  • an array of critical speakers from the industry.
  • open roundtable discussions among the membership on industry topics.
  • classes and breakout groups focusing on specific areas of agency sales and management. Recent events have covered topics such as new agent recruitment, groups, product & fee pricing strategy and IC/ outside sales compensation program development.

WESTA holds evening dinner meetings twice times a year, in each of the several core areas of our membership. These meetings, which features eight vendors per session, focus on product knowledge critical to your agents ability to efficiently and profitably sell each of these supplier's products.

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For Frontline Agents

  • Annual two-day conference and trade shows held in Oregon, Washington and two California locations.
  • Dozens of supplier educational dinner seminars held throughout the West Coast.
  • In-house training by a WESTA staff member.

For Owners & Managers

  • Annual Owners Conference
  • Local networking meetings with your peers.
  • In-office consultations with your WESTA Regional Manager.
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WESTA FAM's and Seminars at Sea

Each year, WESTA arranges a few educational / travel opportunities with a variety of our preferred travel partners on both cruises and land tours.