Agency Marketing

Each year, WESTA distributes high quality, exclusive marketing pieces fully customized for you and your client at only pennies a piece.

WESTA believes a regularly scheduled, professionally produced marketing program to be of prime importance to the profitability of an agency. Further, it is clear that suppliers expect more from a top tier agency today than they did in the past and a well organized marketing program is the yardstick by which these agencies are measured. WESTA's marketing program consists of a customized and market segmented collection of Clientbase databases powering an impressive list of direct mail offerings in both multi-vendor and single vendor formats including:

  • 2 full-color 28- to 40-page multi-vendor Vacation Brochures.
    (to see a sample, click here)
  • 1 full-color 27- to 32-page Journeys of Distinction Luxury Brochure
    (to see a sample, click here)
  • Beautiful pieces produced on quality stock.
  • Agency name and logo customized covers and back page.
  • Agency written inside cover welcome letter.
  • "Print on demand" technology customizing each piece
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Flexible Programs

For agencies with well developed and populated Clientbase databases, our marketing program features pieces for 35¢ or less including all printing customization and postage cost… perhaps the lowest per piece cost in the industry.

And for a few cents a piece more, agencies without an existing marketing program can get all these features with an on-line version of Clientbase and a local mailing list included.